Mason Structural Steel FAQ

This is a list of commonly asked questions. If you have any questions regarding our products and services not covered here, please use our online form.

On what products does Mason Steel provide installation?

Mason Steel will install Prefabricated Fireplaces, gas logs, mantels, wood surrounds, and marble. In addition, we will install small interior jobs with Cultured Stone®. For all other stone and paver projects we can recommend appropriate contractors from our dealer/installer network.

What differentiates your stone from other brands?

Cultured Stone® has more to offer than any other stone veneer on the market today. We offer much more variety, with over 80 different selections from which to choose. In addition to more shapes and colors, we have more molds thus insuring that you will not see the same piece twice. Cultured Stone ® is code compliant is well.  Cultured Stone® comes with a 50-year warranty and is UL approved. Cultured Stone ® has the best brand recognition. We have a beautifully designed 60-page brochure to help in the selection process. Also, a CAD program is available for architects. Mason Steel has a full line showroom and free sample boards are available.

What other products do you carry that compliment your fireplace line?

Mason Steel offers a wide variety of finishes to help compliment your fireplace. Not only do we offer Cultured Stone®; Mason Steel carries a full line of wood mantels and mantel surrounds, cast stone surrounds, and a large selection of natural marble to choose from. Also, we are distributors of Thermo-rite glass fireplace doors, Golden Blount and Peterson gas log sets, American Fireglass, and Pilgrim fireplace tool sets and accessories.

It is important to have the finest products available, but how are you on servicing what you sell?

Mason Steel is a 55-year-old Cleveland Company that services what it sells. With both in-house and in-field service staff we are prepared to field telephone questions as well as service product in your home.

Why don’t you allow returns on your Cultured Stone?

Due to the varying nature of stone size and color, as well as breakage due to excessive handling, we do not accept any return of stone product. This policy insures that all of our customers are getting factory-packaged product.

What is a steel company doing selling fireplaces, stone, windows, doors, pavers, skylights abd BBQ Grills?

Mason Steel began selling structural steel and building products to mason contractors in the late 1950’s. However, within the next 20 years the builders, not the masons, began to purchase the structural steel. We diversified our product line as our customer based shifted. We took on Majestic prefabricated fireplaces and Cultured Stone® in the early 70’s and then Windsor Windows and Velux Skylights in the late 70’s. Our latest additions to our product line include Unilock and Belgard pavers, Fire Magic and AOG BBQ grills, Ortel Fireplaces, RH Peterson Real Fyre  gas logs.

If I want to pick-up material at Mason Steel, what are the hours to do so?

Our warehouse hours for pick-ups are as follows:
Monday-Friday 7:00am to 3:30pm
Saturday 7:00am to 10:45am
Sunday- Closed

Aren’t all fireplaces alike? Why should I purchase a Majestic Fireplace?

Majestic Products has been in business supplying their customers needs for over 100 years. The company founded the prefabricated factory built metal fireplace industry in 1954. Each additional year has seen millions of dollars spent on R & D to bring the consumer a state of the art product. The product is distributed by highly trained, experienced, and factory qualified companies in every market. Quality and Safety still remains the cornerstone of Majestic Products. Majestic Fireplaces are known throughout the industry for their large burn areas, the industry’s best warranties, and cool touch caps on direct vents.

What size columns do I need to support a steel beam in a residential basement?

It must first be determined if an adjustable column has the capacity to support the particular load. We offer both 3″ and 4″ diameter adjustable columns. For loads that exceed their capacity we supply schedule 40 pipe in 3″, 3 “, 4″, 5″, 6″, and 8″ diameters in a fixed length.

Determining the length of a pipe column would require field measurement, however an adjustable column allows for a 4″ height range. If an adjustable column can be used, the height can be determined by knowing the depth of the steel beam that it supports the number of courses of masonry (or height of a poured wall), and the relation in elevation between the pads and the footer.

Example: W8x24 steel beam —- 12-course basement —- pads even with the footers
12 (courses) x 8 (inches per course) = 96 (inches)
96 (inches) – 8 (inches beam depth.) = 88 (inches)
88 (inches) + 0 (inches pads deeper than footer) = 88 (inches) = 7′ 4″ (theoretical height)

Therefore the correct height range is 7′-3″ to 7′-7”

Note: Some cities require fixed columns only. In those communities, when the loads are in the adjustable column capacity, we offer fixed length columns (also called solid columns) which are fabricated from the same tubing (11 gauge) as the adjustable columns. These columns have no more capacity than adjustables and are significantly weaker than schedule 40 pipe. As with pipe columns, fixed columns must be field measured individually.

What sizes of beams and angles does Mason Structural Steel carry in stock? What are the dimensions? 

Please click here for our Beam Sizing Chart

Please Click here for our Stock Angle sizes

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