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Let the Sunshine In | Use Skylights for More Natural Light

In the discipline of architecture, daylighting is a term used to mean the use of natural light in supporting a homes residents. How is the daylighting in your home, is your house as bright with sunlight as you would like? Many homes become more shaded by trees over time and the natural light has declined because of landscaping impacts not foreseen years ago.

Many studies and the medical industry have emphasized the benefits of natural light that include comfort, mental stimulation, increased immunity to illness and the ability of natural light to aid us in regulating our human circadian rhythms.

Adding Skylights is a home improvement that will allow you to enjoy the benefits of natural light. The installation of skylights is less invasive and requires less time than building a sunroom or modifying a wall for larger windows.

We proudly sell Velux skylights, if you are looking for more inspiration the have a nice page to see skylight impacts in all the rooms of your home. Visit the Velux Inspiration Gallery.

Contact Us if you are ready to improve the daylighting in your home.

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Maybe it is Time for a Fireplace Upgrade

If your fireplace is older than 1990 you are really losing out on energy saving and more from today’s more efficient fireplaces. The EPA has compiled some interesting facts.

Today’s new fireplaces and fireplace inserts are proven to:

  • Save money, fuel, time and resources.
  • Are 50% more energy efficient.
  • Use 1/3 less wood for the same heat.
  • Cut creosote build-up in chimneys and help reduce the risk of fire.
  • Produces 70% less particle pollution indoors and out.

You may have sealed up your home tight with insulation, new windows and doors but the big hole for heat loss, your fireplace has maybe not been addressed.

If a fireplace replacement is not in your plans at least take the time to have it and the flue cleaned, it will increase the efficiency of the fireplace.

Another way to maximize the energy effectiveness is by smartly choosing the wood you burn.

Here is a list of the tree types commonly used for firewood listed according to their densities.
Trees at the top of the list have the most energy per cord, while those on the bottom have the least energy per cord.

Hardest (long burning)
Rock elm
Sugar maple
Yellow birch
Red elm
Red maple
Douglas fir
White birch
Manitoba maple
Red alder
Softest (shorter burning)

Contact Us for help selecting a new fireplace or a fireplace upgrade

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BBQ Grills – Always in Season

It’s almost fall and that means it’s football season, bring the tailgating experience to your home!

An outdoor BBQ Grill is the centerpiece of gatherings with family and friends. Coupling an outdoor BBQ Grill with an outdoor living space is a way to have a second dining area and an extension of the kitchen and living room.

Looking for ideas on cooking islands, BBQ Grills, cooking centers, eating areas and more?

Visit our Online Showroom Gallery or Schedule a visit to our indoor/outdoor showroom.

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We Do Structural Steel

commercialjobpics018When it comes to structural steel our primary operations include the fabrication and erection of steel structures as well as selling steel joists and metal decking.

Here are links to few examples of our work:

Learn more about how we can help you with your Structural Steel needs.

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Be an Artist in Your Backyard with Paving Stones

UMB_4102Easy to use, easy to maintain and available in an almost infinite variety of shapes, colors and textures, paving stones or pavers let you be the artist inside or outside your own home. Quick and easy to install you can transform a space and make it last a lifetime.

Need more ideas or want to see some installed ideas, visit our showroom and talk to us about your idea or dream, we will help make it happen!

Below is a small gallery of images to spark some ideas for you:

Click on any image below to start a slide show, then click on an image to move to the next slide…

Contact us today and let us help you get started with your Paving Stone project.

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12 Smoking Hot Fire Pit Ideas

Firepit 13For most of the country this summer has been cooler than normal and we are approaching fall so it is the perfect time to consider adding a Fire Pit to your home.

Friends, family, neighbors all enjoy the fun, the s’mores the sharing of good times while letting the warmth of the fire take the edge off the ever cooler nights. If you would like more ideas, materials to build one yourself or are a contractor with a project for a homeowner we can help you get it all done.

Get Your Fire Pit Project started today!

I have put together some idea images below to help you get inspired:

(Click on any image to view it larger and start a slide show of all the images)

Notice the bottom 3 images, they are what is called a Fire Table, a new idea in outdoor warmth and fire usage, they are gas-fired and will quickly change your outdoor living environment.

Get Your Fire Pit Project started today!

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Outdoor Brick Ovens, Perfect Part of Outdoor Living

ModularA Brick Oven is the perfect complement to your outdoor kitchen. The brick oven is the perfect way to bring your friends and family together.

What are some of the benefits of a brick outdoor oven?

Shorter cooking times because you cook at higher temps. These ovens can get to 1000F and the stone holds the heat evenly.

Summer heat stays outside with an Outdoor Oven.

Breads become crusty on the outside as Brick ovens do not hold moisture.

Energy savings, an electric oven might draw 3500 watts per hour to maintain a 550F temp. Three pieces of hardwood might give you hours of cooking time in comparison.

Long cooking times for parties and events, the brick retains heat for hours.

A brick oven cooks from above with heat from the dome, convection heat, reflective heat and heat from the bottom surface.

FoodYou can cook almost anything, There are over 400 related recipe books on Amazon, Brick Oven Recipes.

We can help you get your Outdoor Brick Oven quickly, Learn more about our Outdoor Customer Brick Ovens.

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New Idea’s in Windows and Doors

With advances in energy-efficient technology and manufacturing capability there are more choices than ever to help turn a dream home or building into reality. Below are just a few new developments in the area of windows and doors. Check out our Windows, Doors and Skylights.

Bi-Fold even Tri-Fold Windows

When is a bi-fold door not a door, when it’s a window of course. Never heard or seen a bi-fold window? Check out the video below for a demonstration.

Bi-Fold, Even Tri-Fold Doors with Windows

Create an amazing transition from outside to inside; bring your living area and the outdoors together through the use of Bi-Fold (or more) doors. With today’s energy efficient glass doors it is easier and more affordable than ever to bring the outside in.

Bi-Fold Doors with Glass

Drop Down Windows

When you first see a Drop Down window it looks like any other single or double hung window, but the Drop Down window allows both the top and bottom sash to disappear into a pocket. A Four-Season room can now provide great views and great ventilation. Watch the video below to learn more about how it works.

 Awning Windows

An Awning Window helps you to easily control ventilation by opening outward from the bottom encouraging air flow. Sometimes you want rain or weather element protection while still allowing fresh air to enter. Awning Windows may be the perfect choice for your needs.

awning window

Welcome the outdoors into your home! Contact Us today and allow our highly trained staff to help you in selecting the best windows and doors that will give your home that special look.


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Manufactured Stone Idea’s? Here are some sources…

Sometimes now matter how hard we try our creative abilities need help. No problem, relative to home improvement or interior design there a plethora of places to visit for fresh ideas, below is a small list of sources but thousand of images and ideas. Have Fun!

Sienna Fieldstone InteriorManufactured Stone Products on Our Website

Inspiration Page by Boral Products

Manufactured Stone on Houzz (406,000 photos)

Manufactured Stone on Pinterest

Manufactured Stone Basics – What is it and how is it used?

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Are Bar Shed’s the Next Big Thing in Outdoor Living?

Bar Sheds for Outdoor LivingThis next big thing is something you probably haven’t even heard of yet. It is pretty simple, you turn your normal everyday storage shed into a bar for family, friends and neighbors.

It’s a retreat, a getaway, a social gathering spot, you might even be able to call it an outdoor Man Cave. Maybe you share a community garden well maybe it’s time to share a drink or two in what could be a community bar shed.

Just think it’s the next big social media topic, let’s all map our bar shed’s on foursquare, let people find us and crowdsource some fun and backyard relaxation.

Are you a homebrewer, a craftsman, nothing could be better than to serve your homebrew in your own bar shed.

Of course your bar shed needs some accompanying outdoor elements, maybe a brick oven, a fireplace or firepit or BBQ Grill. Oh what the heck go all the way and do a whole outdoor kitchen.

Umbriano Patio with Brussels Dimensional Bar and Fireplace


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